Tennessee State Olympic Weightlifting Records

New Weight Class Records:

Please click here to access the PDF document containing the records. [Updated 2/23/2020]

How to set a Tennessee State Record (updated 5/4/2019):

Tennessee State Weightlifting Records were officially created on 5/13/2017 at the Nashville Weightlifting Open. At the time there had been typically only 2 big meets a year in Tennessee and so it made sense to allow Tennessee state records to be set at those 2 meets. In addition there were not nearly as many local and national referees in Tennessee at the time, and it made sense to make sure record setting lifts were adjudicated by actual referees. And last but not least, at that time, there were not nearly as many opportunities for lifters to compete at national events. So at that time, the TN LWC for USAW determined that records would be set at the Nashville Open and at the Tennessee State Championships meet each year.

Fast forward to the current time where there are plenty of opportunities for lifters to compete in the American Open Series and other events around the country, as well as more than just 2 big meets in Tennessee. The TN LWC has, as of 5/1/2019, updated the rules to allow records to be set by Tennessee lifters at any USAW sanctioned meet in Tennessee and also at any national level USAW sanctioned events outside the state that occurred after 5/1/2019, and to submit the results for consideration for the record books. We have created an online form so that lifters can submit their information to the TN LWC Secretary, who can then review the information and update the records accordingly. Please note that this is not retroactive to events before 5/1/2019.  Click here for the submission form!

Please be patient as we work to get this process right. The TN LWC members work in a volunteer capacity (we are not paid for our time!) who love the sport of weightlifting and we want you to love it as much as we do.

Old Weight Class Records: 

Please click here to access the PDF document containing the records. [Updated 4/19/2018 after the 2018 Nashville Open]