The Gym

We’re a certified USA Weightlifting gym in Madison, TN, just north of Nashville.

Under the direction of 1992 Olympic competitor Osman Manzanares, we offer Olympic weightlifting training for all experience levels. When you join Nashville Weightlifting, you will gain access to high quality Olympic lifting programming for your current level of training. We can’t stress enough that we have lifters of ALL ages and levels. We want to build strength in everyone!

We have training cycles that build strength and technique in phases. If Coach Osman determines that you need specific help with a certain area of training, he will add or modify certain lifts or accessory exercises such that you will improve in those areas.  If there is a specific upcoming competition you are training for, he will create a specific training program such that you are more likely to peak at that time and do your best at the competition.

Nashville Weightlifting Club

Olympic Weightlifting Competition